“Anti Diet Riot Club is the world I want to live in. For one day, I felt comfortable in my own body, free to move in the world and be myself. The conversations that were started and discussed in the talks and workshops were the conversations we need to be having everyday. They created an inclusive and safe space which it was an absolute honour to be a part of. We need so much more of this in the world”

- Nicola Salmon, @fatpositivefertility

"After the class last month I have really started to look at myself differently - so thank you!”

- Saira, Life Drawing attendee

“One of the most friendly festivals I have ever attended, attracting like-minded, kind and support people. An amazing place to strike up a conversation with engaged and active members of the body positive community, many of whom seem to be engaged in their own activism or projects. Great place to get inspired, delivering talks and workshops on a range of topics from Masculinity and writing Fat Fiction to Celebrating yourself or finding the right sex toy! Just awesome.”

- Sarah, 2020 festival attendee

“By mid January I was about ready to remove all the mirrors from my house, stop using the internet and throw in the towel on 2020 being “my year”. Cue Anti Diet Riot Fest! I was anxious to be attending by myself but as soon as I arrived I was greeted by happy and vibrant volunteers, who made me feel so welcome. It was a soul-nourishing day full of learning and laughter; feeling truly connected to those around me. I left the fest feeling ready to get out there and effect positive change in my own community, spreading the joy and power. I only wish there was one of these events every month!!”

- Amethyst, 2020 festival attendee